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Paul Hegeman

2 thoughts on “Tiramisu

  1. Paul Hegeman Paul Hegeman says:

    That is a wonderful story Silvia, it makes me wish I was in Italy right now! Regarding using raw eggs, yes there is always a slight risk. A couple of things you can do to reduce that risk are: make sure the eggs are as fresh as possible, there should be no signs of cracking in the shell, handle the eggs hygienically when separating. To further reduce the risk, you can also cook the egg yolks as in a sabayon: https://chefspencil.com/recipe/sabayonzabaglione/ (just don’t add the marsala). Cooking egg whites that you will rely on for the air in the dish is more difficult. The only thing you can really do here is use commercially pasteurised egg whites. Commercially pasteurised egg yolks are also available as an option for them. They are both available from some supermarkets in the refrigerated section. Good luck, I hope you find a way to continue to enjoy this dessert.

  2. silvia says:

    I love this recipe and made it many times. We lived in Montebelluna Italy when Tiramisu was “invented”. Friends were all talking about this lovely dessert at a local restaurant. We booked and went for dinner and ordered the Tiramisu. It was divine! Everyone was almost immediately trying to recreated it. This is the closest I’ve ever come to the original we had in that restaurant. The Tiramisu became more famous than the chef or cook that invented it! However, now I’m hesitant to make it as we are warned against using raw eggs. I used to source free range eggs from someone I knew. Where I live now, that isn’t possible. Is there any alternative way to make tiramisu using heat? For instance the way nougat is made by adding hot sugar syrup to the egg whites? I can think of doing that, but can’t think of what to do with the egg yolks except making a creme englaise but I feel that all this would change the taste too much. Thank you for a wonderful recipe that I used quite a few times and brings back wonderful memories.

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