Strawberry Cheese Cake with Yuzu & Meringue

November 27, 2015, By
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Matteo Ferrantino

Matteo Ferrantino

3 thoughts on “Strawberry Cheese Cake with Yuzu & Meringue

  1. Matteo Ferrantino Matteo Ferrantino says:

    Dear catssy,
    Oh my gosh, we are so sorry that this did not work out. Matteo is currently visiting some restaurants for consultancy work so I will contact him to find out what has happened. Perhaps the recipe has some mistakes and it was communicated wrong when it was written. Our sincerest apologies. We will contact you and if needed, will amend this as quick as possible.
    Warm regards – Kimberley Tucker (Admin assistant to Matteo)

  2. catssy says:

    There is something wrong in this recipe. I did only two things : the Cheesecake and the pastry. About Pastry: 300 grams butter, 500 grams flour for a cake tin of approximately 28 cm in diameter ????? I did half of it, and my pastry was 1 cm thick! And what about resting the pastry in the fridge??? And what about blind baking ??? The recipe calls to pour the cheesecake mixture on the top of the RAW pastry (without blind baking) and bake it ONLY for 25 min. I did this (and as I mentioned above, I divided your recipe in half) and my pastry was raw, undercooked and my cheesecake was very fluid (even after 15 hours in the fridge).

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