Margherita Pizza

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Johnny Di Francesco

4 thoughts on “Margherita Pizza

  1. Johnny Di Francesco Johnny Di Francesco says:

    Great question. If you ask your local baker they might give you some yeast. Dried yeast is generally 3 x stronger than fresh yeast, so 1 gram of fresh yeast is .33 grams of dried yeast. Rising time will be the same. Hope that helps.

  2. Hi after seeing your segment on Food Safari Fire program we are eager to try your Margherita pizza dough recipe in our wood fire oven. Unfortunately it is near impossible to buy the fresh yeast…..or if you can get a hold of it, they sell it in 1kg blocks which is way too much for a home cook. We do have a very good quality dried yeast. Your recipe states 1gm of fresh yeast, would you know how much is the equivalent in dried yeast?
    We look forward to hearing from you as we can’t wait to fire up the oven.

    regards….Corinne & Bart Favaloro.

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