Baked Onion with Elderflower Beurre Blanc and Oscietre Caviar
Posted March 10, 2017 by Søren Selin
Ready Time 0 minServings:


    Onion Sifon

    • 15 grams egg whites
    • 80 grams egg yolks
    • 60 grams whole eggs
    • 200 grams caramelized onion purée
    • 8 grams salt


    • onion XXl zitauer

    Elderflower Beurre Blanc

    • white wine
    • elderflower cider
    • elderflower juice
    • elderflower Vinegar
    • butter


    Onion Sifon
    1. Blend everything except oil.
    2. Add oil little by little.
    3. Heat in waterbacth at 65 degrees.
    1. Bake the onion on salt in 200 degrees oven.
    2. For 1 hour until it reaches 80 degrees in center.
    Elderflower Beurre Blanc
    1. Reduce elderflower cider and white wine.
    2. Whisk in cold butter.
    3. Season with salt, lemon juice and elderflower vinegar.
    1. Cut the onion in half tableside.
    2. Put the sifon in the plate. Put on top the inner core of the onion.
    3. Garnish with caviar and pour over the foaming sauce.