About Us

Chef’s Pencil is the ultimate ‘online cookbook’

It’s a place where professional chefs share their favourite recipes with the world. The site is run by professional chefs, but features content for all levels of cooks and foodies.

In addition to recipes, our chefs also share numerous articles and culinary techniques.

Just like a quality real world cookbook, our recipes include high resolution images and detailed step-by-step instructions.

Chef’s Pencil brings together the best of the web’s functionality with the joy of reading a real world cookbook. The design is clean and free of much of the visual ‘noise’ that is often experienced on the web.

We believe that quantity does not necessarily equate to quality. For example, you will not find 300 recipes for mashed potato; you will find just one, one really good one that you can take through your culinary lifetime.

Chef’s Pencil is completely free to access; our team is happy to share. So please feel free to start browsing the pages of our Online Cookbook. We are very proud of it and are sure that you will enjoy it.