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Our Recipes


With such a varied collection of recipes to choose from; including international cuisine, seasonal food, recipes for course meals – as well as a range of recipes for pasta and beef dishes – Chef’s Pencil has something to surprise and impress your guests.

For example, we can help you turn a dreary pasta dish into something truly sensational! And it doesn’t matter what level you’re at, be it pro or novice, we have the most scrumptious recipes to satisfy and delight, enabling you to entertain in style!

GABRIEL KREUTHER sturgeon and sauerkraut tart
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Sturgeon and Sauerkrau...

, , By - January 21, 2016
Sturgeon and Sauerkraut Tart topped with American Sturgeon Caviar Posted January 21, 2016 by Gabriel Kreuther Posted in: Seaf...view all
View More: http://brianamoore.pass.us/davios-cucina-food
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Potato Gnocchi, Wild M...

, By - January 5, 2016
Potato Gnocchi, Wild Mushroom, Garlic and White Truffle Oil Posted January 5, 2016 by Rodney Murillo Posted in: Vegetarian | ...view all
Dominique Ansel - madeleines
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Mini Madeleines

    Prep : 30 min

, By - January 4, 2016
Oricio edit
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Sea Urchins in Acidula...

, , By - January 4, 2016
Sea Urchins in Acidulated and Aromatic Hollandaise Sauce over Yogurt Posted January 4, 2016 by Nacho Manzano Posted in: Seafo...view all
Jugged Hare (Best) edit
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Jugged Hare

, By - December 26, 2015
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Line Caught Seabass, Y...

, , By - December 15, 2015
Line Caught Seabass, Yeasted Cauliflower Purée, Chanterelle Mushrooms Posted December 15, 2015 by Allan Pickett Posted in: S...view all
Pork Chop
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Pork Cutlet, Crushed G...

    Prep : 90 min
    Cook : 90 min

, , By - December 15, 2015
Pork Cutlet, Crushed Garden Peas with Red Pepper Relish Posted December 15, 2015 by Gerald Mirey Posted in: Pork | Cuisines: ...view all
Halibut edit
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Halibut, Honey Soused ...

, , By - December 15, 2015

Halibut works well with this dish, but the garnishes are very versatile and would work with most fish, especially Seabass ...view all

Pheasant[1] edit
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Brasserie Blanc’s Ro...

, , By - December 15, 2015

Today’s recipes dictate that we cook our pheasant at around 180º C, but this recipe follows the old traditional method,...view all

Maze Grill Park Walk_Smashed avocados with sweet potato chips   edit
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Smashed Avocados with ...

, By - December 15, 2015

The key to this recipe is that there is no right or wrong with it, you can edit the amounts and items to your personal tas...view all

Mackerel 1 (credit Steve Lee) edit
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Flamed Mackerel, Dill,...

, By - December 15, 2015
Risotto Italian Veal sausage, Taleggio & Frangelico edit 2
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Risotto with Italian V...

, , By - December 15, 2015
Risotto with Italian Veal Sausage, Taleggio & Frangelico Posted December 15, 2015 by Davide Degiovanni Posted in: Rice, ...view all